Established in 2017,,

Inplayable is the World’s No. 1 Mobile Advertising Platform for game demos.

We focus on providing highly accurate one-stop total solutions of user acquisition and traffic realization for gaming advertisers and gaming app developers.

The company has received its venture capital funding from Asia’s leading private equity investment company, Green Pine Capital, and ZhenFund. With close to fifty employees, Inplayable consists of outstanding technical support team members who come from Asia’s leading tech companies such as Cheetah Mobile, Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

Inplayable possesses a self-developing innovative smart advertising demo system that helps our customers to realize cutting-edge population orientation, accurate audience targeting, and automated bidding technologies from various buyers based on game demos and real-time bidding. It will help advertisers to control the promotion risk and maximize the ROI. In addition, our professional operation team will help our global partners to expand global market with their rich industry experience.

Simultaneously, our platform also helps mobile game developers realize customized creative advertisements for personal dynamic game demos. Through the innovative demo formats and compiling the different simulations required by various developers’ game products, our customized advertising solutions are covered in more than a hundred countries. Our smart bidding function allows advertisements to be accurately presented to the right target audience. Ultimately, along with our data compilation, we can provide developers the best traffic realization.

Since company establishment, we have quickly expanded to overseas markets, including North America, Europe, and APAC, and have already built strong business partnerships with many reputable companies.

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