Three major business operations: playable ad, network&media buy


    • Full channel marketing

      Integrated multiple ad platforms: vungle,unity,tapjoy,ironsource,charboost,etc

    • Cover mobile games and applications

      We produce playable ads not only for mobile games but also apply to varied apps

    • Private customization

      We provide customized playable ads for every client and try to express the core characteristics of each game

    • Creative editor

      We have own creative editor that produce a playable ad in one hour with high efficiency

    Ad network

    • One-stop performance ad based platform

      Leading effect marketing mobile advertising platform, with CPA, CPI, CPS as the main settlement mode, 7*24h one to one fast docking advertisers

    • Multi-dimensional user targeting

      Technology analysis to interpret massive data, quickly and accurately portray user portrait

    • Anti-fraud                                                         Relying on the perfect own platform traffic air control system, combined with the big data algorithm model, analyze the cheating risk of the platform's own traffic    

    Media Buy

    • Account Management

      Full management of your campaign account including opening and all administration, giving you more time to focus on what matters

    • Creative Design

      Generate creative in batches,finding creative with the highest conversion rate through the A/B test

    • Global Ads Service

      We are well versed in overseas advertising, surround customers deeply, create efficient marketing solutions, match simple and easy to use tools, and rely on the resources advantage of the platform to help you achieve the goal successfully


    Iplayable is used and trusted by more advertisers and app developers around the world

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